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I want an internship in The Netherlands

Are you thinking of sending participants for a practical training period to the Netherlands or have an internship yourself?

Then you have found the right partner! has almost 65 years of experience in organising practical training placements in agricultural or horticultural companies in The Netherlands. The training will be on the job and in the field because we think that “learning by doing” is the best way to improve skills. Therefore, the participants should not be afraid to work hard and get dirty hands.

We have placements in the following sectors; dairy, arable, livestock farming, horticulture, mixed farm, field vegetable production, cheese making farms . All placements vary in length between a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months. Arrival throughout the year is possible.
Next to the placement, we arrange board and accommodation for the participants, organise an introduction meeting including cultural preparation, organise 2 optional midpoint meetings per year, hand-out a dictionary and a trainee handbook, give back-up and 24 hr a day assistance in case of an emergency.
A training in the Netherlands will contribute to your participants becoming independent responsible youngsters.
We also send Dutch students abroad. We are the mediator between the Dutch schools and their students and our partners abroad. For this reason we work very closely with the schools and the divers international organisations. In many countries we have one or even more partners that can help us place students from a variety of agricultural/horticultural  studies with a matching company for an internship. If needed, we help the students with all the necessary documents and embassy appointments. When a partner abroad has more specific requirements we will meet with the student for a personal interview to get all the right information.
We believe that, like a training in the Netherlands for foreign students, a Dutch student that spends time to live and work in a foreign country will become an experienced and independent person.
We respect and follow the Principles and Criteria that were set in the international partner cooperation network Grow Abroad of which we are member.
If you are interested in becoming one of our partner organisations, doing a study tour in the Netherlands, ordering a dictionary or having us as your partner in the Netherlands for a project, you can contact us via: