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This is a useful checklist for guiding incoming interns!

1. Prepare the introduction; make a plan

2. Decide which learning objectives must be achieved before arrival of the trainee

3. Make sure the paper work is complete:

  • Practical training contract, including paragraph insurances (to be delivered by the school) 
  • Confidentiality statement
  • Placement fee
  • Statement of good behaviour
  • Manuals and health & safety prescriptions
  • Telephone list
  • Regulations for private use of equipment
  • Code of behaviour (with colleagues and with customers)
  • General information (corporate folder, product assortment, organogram)

4. Facilitations for the work floor

  • Company clothes
  • Safety clothes – shoes
  • Entrance badge/parking badge
  • Sanitary facilities/dressing room

5. Give them a ‘warm’ welcome

  • Make the student feel expected and welcome (team informed, message on intranet, welcome gift)
  • Schedule enough free time to prepare a relaxed and complete intake
  • Introduction to team and tutor/mentor